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Choosing for the best eye liner


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The best eyeliner is a cosmetic use to define the eyes, make it bigger and more dramatic. It is put around the eye area to create a dark line. It is used not just aesthetically but to protect the thin skin around our eyes. Nowadays, women’s make-up isn’t complete without eyeliner. It gives more shape and definition in your eyes.

Best eyeliner

There are a few types of eyeliner.

  • Pencil eyeliner. It is an eye liner that’s waxed based; it is softer pencil that comes in different colours. It is more advisable than any other type of eyeliner because of hygienic purposes.  You can easily sharpen it, as a sanitary precaution, something that you can’t do with the retractable and liquid type.
  • Liquid eyeliner. It is an opaque liquid that comes with small and cute bottles and can be applied by brush applicator. They are usually water resistant and long wearing. It’s a bit shiny and creates more dramatic look than the other types. It’s very flexible, very nice to use specially at night. It is known for the speed and accuracy in application once you’re used to it. It often leaves a very smart and even finish. And it comes pre-packaged, you won’t be bother in retracting, sharpening and cleaning the brush after using it.
  • Cake eyeliner. It comes like a powder form; you have to wet your brush and roll or dip it in the make up before applying it on your eyelids. It is very long lasting, water resistant, and famous for its versatility and precision outcome. It is made for everyday use. You effortlessly can create a very subtle or much dramatic look with this. It is mostly used by the make-up artists.
  • Gel eyeliner. The latest eyeliner in the market today. It has a texture that’s thicker than the other type of eyeliner, and can be applied by a specific brush-the stiff angled brush. You have a lot of colour choices with this and it comes out neater. It is much advisable to use because it’s in gentlest form, so it’s very safe for our water lines and tight line. It is easier to apply than liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. It’s also created more definition than the pencil type. You can control every application.
  • Kohl eyeliner is an ancient cosmetic used in the eyes. Mostly used in Middle East. Its main ingredients are lead sulphide and some minerals that have been used to darken the eye area centuries ago. It smudges more easily; it has more oil content that the other types so it sticks well on the skin.

Best eyeliner

The best eyeliner can be:

  • Waterproof.  This can resist water and can only be removed by oil and make up remover that’s based in silicone. If you have oily skin, this is accurate on you. It doesn’t easily fade and can’t easily be wiped off. This is a longwearing so no need to regularly check if your eyeliners smudge and needed some retouch. It is stubborn and will take a lot of time to completely vanished
  • Non-water proof. It glides on smoothly and easily. It is used by beginners because of its low price. It can easily be corrected if there are incorrect lines or unbalance outcome. It can easily be removed by water and mild soap. But non-waterproof eyeliners can easily be smudge and needs a lot of retouching too. Even if the products label that its smudge proof it can easily wear out after 3 hours. It might not be safe for your sensitive eyes. This may be easily breaks because of the softness of the pencil. It can be a disaster wearing non-waterproof eyeliner.Best eyeliner

The best eyeliner should stay on your eyelids whether the temperature is hot or cold. It shouldn’t be affected by the level of your sweating. Learning to use the best eyeliner is a good challenge to women. It can change one’s appearance. It can bring out the best in a person’s appearance instantly and effectively, eyeliner can accents eyes and draw attention from it. You should know how to use eyeliners, choose the right colour depending on your eye colour. Typically with brown eyes, you can use purple and black eyeliner colours and with light coloured eyes you can use blue, brown and greys.


  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks, nice post and nice looking site about beauty.

  2. Mary says:

    Its great that you Shed light on a few things I didn’t understand. Thank you , hope you can keep writing articles about best eyeliners

  3. Jane says:

    I love your site. Nice looking pictures about betst eyeliner

  4. Kel Attorneys says:

    My eyes have became very sensitive in the past couple of years. I used Great Lash for years and switched to Physicians Formula and I still have the same irritations, especially Red Eye! I guess all mascara work differently on each person. One I haven’t tried, but just bought online is OcuSoft Mascara. All reviews were great and I’m hoping the same for myself. It’s cheap too!

  5. Adrianna says:

    I don’t know how much you’re willing to spend on mascara, but in my case, I use Blinc’s mascara. I don’t really have sensitive eyes, but I have really sensitive skin. What attracted me to Blinc was that it won the 2008 Best of Sephora award, and that its ingredients are supposed to be non-irritating. I didn’t want any problems when I put on mascara because I have enough with going through different foundations haha. I know it’s a lot to pay for mascara, but this stuff literally stays on all day long :)

  6. Ruth Pickles says:

    I’m fairly new to MAC and only recently purchased Fluidline after reading all the positive reviews and so far I’m impressed. It took me a little while to get the hang of applying it but the results were definitely worth all the hassle.

  7. Bette Shorty says:

    Mabelline has the best proucts. i love the line stylist eyeliner, and the xxl mascara, it gives length, and volume at the same time.

  8. Selene says:

    I recently bought eyeliner from boots natural collection, up to now it hasnt irritated my eyes, and was cheaper than the big brands too. Mascara wise, try maxfactor masterpiece ?8.99. It coats the lashes with less product but amazing wide eyed results. Again it hasnt irritated my eyes up til now.

  9. Tora Herson says:

    For mascara, both Almay One Coat and Almay Intense i-Color mascaras are excellent. Choose based on the mascara benefit you are looking for. (e.g. There is One Coast lengthening (for longer lashes), One Coat thickening (for thicker lashes), and One Coat Triple Effect (for longer, thicker and curvier lashes).

  10. Joselyn says:

    If you like liquid liner, try the “Almay Liquid Liner” black. It’s amazing and one of the fastest sellers. If you want a pencil liner, try Almay Intense i-Color liners (choose your shade by eye color).

  11. Sandie says:

    Try Almay. It’s hypoallergenic and made especially for people w/ sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  12. Cristal says:

    I would try MIRA eyeliner i have it and it glideson soo easy, and stays there 4 hours in a day. umm icant help you with the mascara cuz i havent found da right 1 yet either.. so yea thts my advice

  13. Angie Kovalsky says:

    Try great lash by Maybelline (makeup artist use it all the time) and for eyeliner it depends tho on your sensitivity but I think Nars or styla are excellent….. in light and dark shades

  14. Elaina says:

    For mascara, I use cover girl waterproof everyday. Even if you aren’t planning on swimming (or crying) it won’t smudge as easily as regular. The brush is good at separating too.

  15. Soo Hauger says:

    Cover girl eyeliner is great. I even use the 99 cent N.Y.C. eyeliner sometimes though.

  16. Lachelle says:

    My favorite eyeliner is from avon, Glimmersticks eye liner. I love Mascara from maybelline, and I like avon’s perfect wear lash mascara.

  17. Antonietta says:

    I cannot stress to you enough how amazing MAC Cosmetics are! All of their cosmetics work amazingly, or Lancome, they have the absoloute best mascara, if you dont mind spending a little.

  18. Mandy says:

    I have always used and swear by a dry cake eyeliner that you put on with a paint brush type brush and add water. When it dries, it stays put. I have tried even the newer pencils and gels and they are all crap. I use Clinique cake mascara. Comes with a brush and comes in black, brown and navy. Lasts forever.

  19. Racheal says:

    For eyeliner, no matter pencil or gel or liquid, Urban decay is the way to go! They are AMAZING! I use liquid on the top for a more clean and crisp/painted on look, and then pencil on the bottom. Also liquid liner is really forgiving if you mess up. And i like bare minerals for foundation.

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