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Tips on Choosing the Best Eyeliner for Waterline

July 7th, 2011

To have a very expressive eyes, putting eye shadow and mascara isn’t enough; especially for Asian women whose eyes are on the smaller frame. You must not forget to put eyeliner for your waterline. Like mascara, you need to choose the best eyeliner for waterline so you won’t end up in mess. It is vital to know what to look for if you are to purchase your own eyeliner.

Here are some guidelines on Choosing the Best Eyeliner for Waterline:

  • Pick eyeliner that lasts longs. Whether you’re work is on the go or just staying in your desk, you wouldn’t want applying eyeliner from time to time. Apart from the challenging procedure, you also need to protect your eyes. Applying eyeliner from time to time may irritate your eyes.
  • Your eyeliner must not have very pointed tip. The eyes are so gentle. If the edge of your eyeliner is too pointed, it hurt the eyes and the waterline itself.
  • The best eyeliner for waterline has prominent color. If what you have is not of mineral in nature, make it sure that you roll it once or twice only for every application. Chemicals may hurt your eyes.
  • Try using mineral eyeliner especially if you have sensitive skin. Though this one is more costly, you can be assured that your eyes will be safe from the harmful chemicals that other eyeliners have.
  • Of course, you must choose a product that is already tried and tested. Don’t be afraid of the cost. Definitely, you will get the value of your purchase by picking the favorite choice of the makeup tycoons.